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This blog talks about , How MITian's going to do the Noble Cause and its indetail Discussions.


At 4:28 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

really happy about this initiative by our friends....
let us involve ourselves in and aid this movement grow...

( organisers - please add a small intro about this mighty task and whats the current status of it now
so that ppl not in the regular mail chain visiting this space will come to know about this.. )

At 5:03 AM, Blogger MIT NOBLE CAUSE said...

Objective: Empowering Education
Initially for 1-2 Years with in MIT for Economically Backward People , Later Expanding it to Primary Level Education at the same time Touch With MIT Continues.

Future Plans:
1.Aiding Aged People

Till this Date Following Activities Done:-

1. Through Mail Informed abt this Initiative to all our G-MIT guys.

2.One to Two Representative for Each Department(Who is accessible to chennai) has been Identified and through them all the information has been circulated.

3.From Department Representatives asked to collect Willing Guys/Girls names and their Contributions(Per Year).

4.At present Around 50 Guys/Girls
Showed their willingness to Contribute Towards this Noble Cause.

5.Amount of Contribution Not Fixed.
It is upto the Individual Satisfaction.And Contribution may be Per Year basis or Half Yearly or Quarterly.But that should be intimated to Department representative( For Future Amount Projection).

6.Initially 2 Members Going to be Selected from MIT First Year for those Guys/Girls Tution Fee(25K per Person) will be Rewarded Through our Noble Cause Activity.

7.Till this Date,As per Guys/Girls Commitment We Project Minimum 1.5 Lakhs per Year can be Mopped Up from G-MITians. And Maximum Projection of 2.5 Lakhs Per Annum.

8.Initially G-MITians will be the members, Once Rules and Regularities has been Framed and Proceedings for the following Months Smooth then we can Open it for Other Batch MITians and to others Also.

The above points has been concluded based on Discussion.If any Suggessions or changes Pls post it.

At 5:18 AM, Blogger MIT NOBLE CAUSE said...

Action Points For Organisers:-

1. To start a group ( Yahoo or Google) with Willing guys for this Initiative.

Note:If u r willing and not Included ur mail id Please Inform in this Forum.

2.Discussing abt our initiative with MIT Dean,Atheneum Vice-Chairman,PDA Chairman with in Next week.And getting approval for the same.

3.Stream lining the Selection process of Economically Backward Guy/Girl with in 2 weeks time.

4.The Contribution amount should be given as Reward or as a Scholarship has to be decided with in two weeks time.

5.To form a TRUST or SOCIETY , working on DEEDS and other Legal Activities. This should be Completed with in 45 days.

6.On OCT 28/29 Concluding 90% of our Noble Cause Plans and implications.

7. Getting 12A with in a year time.

( Tax Exemption for Interest part of the Contribution amount).

8.Getting 80G with in 16 Months of time ( We can get only 50% Exemption for our contribution amount).

These are all what we have concluded and arrived if any other points we have to work out all of our co-operation and Suggesstions needed.

At 10:37 AM, Blogger MIT NOBLE CAUSE said...

To Register a Trust We need to formalise following things

It has been discussed with a lawyer come CA

1.Following things needs to be decided with in us.
.NAME of the TRUST
.Address for the TRUST(Any of our members room or specific address)
.Management Secretry(2)

The above posts are must and it should be elected unanimously.

My Suggession is TRUSTEES will be
elected per department.

Remaining 3 posts will be elected based on volunteer and willingness.

Then Trust Deed will be circulated
on Wednesday.

And it will be circulated through group for your suggession and clarification.

Dead lne for registration is 27 OCT.

At 9:58 PM, Blogger DeeBaaBoo said...

Comments about objective of the trust:

>>Objective: Empowering Education
>>Initially for 1-2 Years with in ...

>>Future Plans:
>>1.Aiding Aged People

I strongly feel, we should have an objective/mission statement which sounds like

Create a stable & useful scholarship program in MIT for economically backward people in the next five years

We should talk about expanding the scope in the final year only. This will give us focus and clarity!!

At 1:29 AM, Blogger MIT NOBLE CAUSE said...

Comments to Deebaboo

As per ur suggession we have to include our contribution as Scholarship,

We put forth this Q with Our Dean while discussing abt our Noble Cause.

When we give it as a Scholarship, Selected Student can not avail another scholarship.... Thats is the only problem we have.

If we give it as a Reward, It wil not be a problem for that selected student to avail another Scholarship.

Then this Scholarship or Reward willbe given through out his Batchelor degree(4 Years).

After Discussing abt this with our Dean and Elite MIT commitee we will decide whether we are goinig to give Reward or Scholarship.

At 3:01 AM, Blogger DeeBaaBoo said...

Thanks for that..BTW is that Kapil answering?

The main thing I am trying to push is Have a clear mission statement, it can be a reward or scholarship. Also we could avoid talking about the bigger scope to begin with.

Am I clear..or are we on different lines?

When we are talking about
sponsoring 2-8 people at MIT...

talking about primary education..old age..etc etc is like having too many things on the plate..

Our biggest task now is to sustain the commitment for a considerable amount of time, say 4 years. So let us postpone even "talking about the scope expansion" idea for another four years..


At 7:17 AM, Blogger MIT NOBLE CAUSE said...

Reply to Dinesh Comment

1. As u said, Scholarchip or Reward will get finalised once the discusion with our Dean is over.

2.Regarding our objective;
as u said, we will not highlight other than Education Empowring atleast for first 2 years.

Depends on fund flow other activities will be taken care in deligence with commiteeapproval


At 8:04 PM, Blogger icgeek said...


To me it still appears to be driven more by emotions than by practical considerations! I wish I am proved wrong. The point with which I am still not convinced is that we want people to commit funds without giving an estimate from our side as to what will be required to support a person for the duration of his studies. Again the number of beneficiaries are being specified very loosely (2-3 people etc..). We need to remember that once we commit to provide assistance to a person it is unfair to be not able to sustain that.


At 12:36 AM, Blogger MIT NOBLE CAUSE said...

Last week end we have met some MIT guys personally and talked about the Colleage.

Following point we have Received:-

1. Tution Fee for Per person per Year is --- 14k

2. Examination Fee -2k

3. Hostel Fee -- 8K.

From Last semester onwards Our 32nd Batch Seniors Providing Assistence to Economically Backward Students.

Their Assistence:-
They are asking Students to apply for their Cause.

From that application MIT Professors(Few of them) Short listing one person per department through Interview(One to one).

So totally 8 guys has been selected as per person from a department.

For that Selected guys our 32nd batch seniors providing 4K Mess Fee assistance per person.

Here they haven't committed that they will give for another Year.

Based on the flow of money they are dividing it to 8 and giving that as Contribution.

Based on these facts and some of our friends cautious approach we have suggessed to go for the following:-

1. we can provide tution fee to Two Students -------> Totally 28K Per year.

2. For first two years our Commitment to be Two persons per Year. That is also for First year guys only.

So totally our outflow could be 28K for every Year.

We will keep Remaining amount as FD(with some calculation).

After two years we will see the Response and Contribution Strength based on that we will decide Expansion.

I think this is very very safe and Cautious Approach.

I think this suggession will allow everyone to be part of it.

let start with small step.

If any of u has different opinions please post it.

At 12:05 PM, Blogger prasadh said...

Dear Kapil,

1. First it is most user unfriendly to go to the comments & read everybody's comment. The date stamp also is not displayed. We can make this a collaborative blog, by changing the options.Then everybody can post in the blog.

2. What you have suggested is very valid. My suggestion is that we should not mention to the outside world ( esp Dean ) that we might expand to include outside MIT students , Elderly etc.

3. We should not say that this is initiative will be for 2 yrs, then we might increase the beneficiaries etc., Nothing of this sort should be discussed with anybody else outside goldenbatch.

4. Our motto has to be "Under Promise & Over Deliver" & not the vice versa.

5. Before the meeting on 28th , we need to send a very clear PPT stating what we expect from our classmates. PPT sd not be more than 3 slides - not more than 7 lines per slide.

Prasadh - Auto

At 2:16 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

could pls share last weekend's
get-together experiences and outcome.. if u hv taken any photos too pls share them...


At 4:56 AM, Blogger MIT NOBLE CAUSE said...

Hi Friends,
We had a get together on OCT 28,29.
Around 25 Golden batch guys came for this get together.

OCT 28th happenings:-

We have given a Presentation for Dean, Athenium Vice-President and
Student Members
Regarding our TRUST.

Please find a PPT attachment.

What Dean Said about our Initiative.

We are getting fund for Infrastructure and Equipment purchase.

Nearly 27 crores has been allocated for MIT alone to build

We are going to build Men's hostel in Annex, Which will accomodate
800 students.

Though money flowing for Infrastructure we couldn't help Economically
challenged students.
And Now a days Government schlorship fund for students keep on
reducing year by year.

So we are encouraging your's kind of activities with full support.

Dean has given all the rights and support to us for the selection

Pls find the photos at Golden trustees Yahoo group.And find it at Below link.

OCT 29th Happenings:-

Around 1.30 P.M we had a great lunch at MIT mess.Nice Reminisense.

We have started the Discussion for so many Q's in all our minds.

Why a TRUST ?

What can we do with this TRUST?

What are all the formalities in the TRUST?

What this TRUST ACT MIT going to do in MIT?

What are all the Activities ACT MIT has?

Who are all responsible for these activities?

Finally We have some Reasonable Answers for all the Above Q's.

Why a TRUST ?

When a group of Guys/Girls want to do a Charitable activity, Only Two
Legal Forums Available.
Which will Structure and Organise all the Charitable Activities.


When you go for a society we will face so many legal obligations.

So we have chosen TRUST.

What can we do with this TRUST?

Every body has a Wish to help the deserved candidates.

This can be fullfilled by forming a TRUST.

We can contribute Some Reasonable Amount to Economically Challenged

We can share our Knowledge to Illiterate people.Like that we can do
so many Social Activities.

We have decided to Contribute for Education.

What are all the formalities in the TRUST?

When we form it as a TRUST we have to follow certain formalities.

We have to Nominate Following positions:-

2.Managing Trustees

the above positions should be Selected With Consesncess.

After the discussion we have concluded following things:-

1.we are going to contribute tution fee (13K) for two students of
first Year.

2.As advissed by Faculty Advisor of the Department, Dean will nominate
16(2 Person per Department)Students.

3.From that 16 students we need to select 2 Most Economically
challenged students
based on our selection criteria.

4.Selected student can avail another Schlorship.

5.Based on the fund flow we may continue to contribute
the selected students till their final year.

Activities of ACT MIT and their Roles:-
1. Founder
- Registering Trust.
- Management Trustee Activity

2.Management Trustee

- Carry on day today administratioon work.
- Consolidating of all Trust Memebers Info,Finance details
from Tustees.
- Fund Disbursement with trustees approval.
- Maintaining & Planning Fund Related Activities.
- Filing all the Expenditure's related to Trust.
- Frame rules or By Laws with consensess.


- Make/Inclde Maximum Members from resp dept.
- Communicate to all members.
- Internal Coordinates to be decided.
- Frame rules or By Laws with consensess.

4.Advisory Council

- Watch dogs of TRUST activities.
- Suggessions and corrections related to TRUST activities.

5.PRO Activities

- All Trustees Must do this activity.
- Collecting personal information of a member.
- Informing day today activities to all the members.
- Planning/Executing strategies to attract more members
towards TRUST.

6.Fund handling

- Accounting and maintaining collected fund.
- Planning Future Projections.
- Maintaining Vouchers.


- Selection Criteria to be formalised.
- Interacting with selected students.
- Follow up of selected students.

8.Legal & TAX Activities

- Getting 12A,80G
- Legal issues

Here i have attached a Excel sheet, Which shows Nominated candidates
for the above mentioned Roles.

If any of you willing for the above activities please intimate us.

What members Need to do:-

Once TRUST account opens, Account number will be intimated to all our
guys through Trustees
Along with Membership application.

1.Member should fill the application and sign it then he has to send
the copy to Respective TRUSTEE.

Guys/Girls from Abroad has to scan the signed application and send it
via mail.

2.Contributing amount to the specified account number to their
satisfactory level.

Dead lines:-

Before 19th of November,

1. TRUST "ACT MIT" shoud be Registered by the FOUNDER with two
Members of TRUST.

2. Trustees should consolidate Members from each Department and
should give their
Approximate Contribution Amount.

3. Management Trustees Need to Open a Account with use of TRUST
And account should have all the essensial Features.

4. Members Contribution should start.

5. Adding or subscribing all the Golden batch guys/girls in
GODENTRUSTEE yahoo group by Trustees.

Before 27th November,

1.Selection Criterea should be formalised.

2.Sending Membership application to all members by Trustees.

Before 20th of December,

1.Getting Nominees from Dean.

2.two First Year Students of MIT has to be selected based on our

On December 23rd:

Dispursement of Amount 26k to selected students.

With Best Regards,


At 4:57 AM, Blogger MIT NOBLE CAUSE said...

Hello Vam,

Please join in Goldentrustees yahoo group.

To get all the Info.


At 4:58 AM, Blogger MIT NOBLE CAUSE said...

send email to

To subscribe.

It is Must for all 50th batch Members. Are u going to contribute or not?
that doesn't matter.

Thanks for your understanding.


At 10:00 PM, Blogger MIT NOBLE CAUSE said...

Positions P.R F & A Operations Advisory Council Legal Activity
Trustees Aero Saravanan I
Auto Bheema Rao
Elex Jayaprakash N
IT Sivaprasad C
PT Gopinath C
RT Gopalakrishnan K
Aero Murugan
Elex Dinakar Babu
IT Sathishkumar S Yes
PT Sankarkumar Yes
RT Lawrence
Elex Dinesh
IT Illamaran Yes
PT Winston Yes

Managing Trustee RT Saravanan Yes
Arul Mozhi S Yes
Mahesh Yes

Founder Kapil Yes

Active Members PT Keerthi Yes
Auto Balaji. S.R Yes
Auto Hariprasad Yes
Auto Aravindan Yes
IT Senthil Vinayagam Yes
Elex Balaji. T.J Yes
Elex Sundar Yes
RT Senthil K Yes
Elex Balasubramanian Yes
PT Senthil Kumaran. V.S Yes
PT Siva Sankaran Yes
PT S.Vijaya Kumar Yes
RT Ravi Sudharson Yes
PT Ponsivaram Yes

Conditions 1. Two between the founder / managing trustees for financial authorization
2. Finance report on monthly basis to Auditors
3. AGB Meeting - May First Sunday @ MIT
4. November 19, 2006
- Need to complete Registration, Bank Account & fund generation to be initiated

Projected amount across Years.
I year 30,000 Dec-06
II Year 60,000 Dec-07
III Year 90,000 Dec-08
IV Year 120,000 Dec-09


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